Pre-Natal Yoga

Our pre-natal yoga classes are specifically designed for pregnancy. Our teachers have all furthered their prenatal yoga training and importantly teach from experience – they are all mamas 🙂

You can expect a range of hatha yoga poses which will aim to build both strength and openness to carry you through your journey of pregnancy. Poses, or asanas, are also aimed at increasing flexibility in the hips and pelvis, along with a major focus on the importance of breath. The synchronisation of breath and movement is such an important preparation for child birth… and motherhood. We also encourage time to connect to the changes going on in your body and to start building a stronger connection with your bubba throughout the class.

Vanessa has been a devotee of yoga for over 25 years. Having completed her foundation teacher training in Hatha Yoga at the White Lotus in Santa Barbara California, Vanessa has gone on to further study and teach a fluid vinyasa practice, yin yoga, pre and post natal and yoga nidra. More recently Vanessa has developed a fertility yoga practice for Genea IVF that centres on the sacral chakra with the use of asana and mediation to open the body and mind, releasing tension in the body while nourishing the reproductive organs and restoring physical and emotional balance. Vanessa believes a regular yoga practice is essential to cultivating a true mind and body connection, so essential for supporting any fertility journey. She credits her yoga practice to her success with her IVF and the healthy pregnancy and birth of her twin boys.