Pre-Natal Yoga

Our pre-natal yoga classes are specifically designed for pregnancy. Our teachers have all furthered their prenatal yoga training and importantly teach from experience – they are all mamas 🙂

You can expect a range of hatha yoga poses which will aim to build both strength and openness to carry you through your journey of pregnancy. Poses, or asanas, are also aimed at increasing flexibility in the hips and pelvis, along with a major focus on the importance of breath. The synchronisation of breath and movement is such an important preparation for child birth… and motherhood. We also encourage time to connect to the changes going on in your body and to start building a stronger connection with your bubba throughout the class.

Class Timetable

  Open Time Close Time Trainer Address
Friday 10:00 am 11:00 am Georgie
10:00 am - 11:00 am - with Georgie - at

Georgie is a very proud mother of three and yoga teacher with over ten years experience. Ask Georgie how she came to specialise it prenatal yoga and she’ll tell you it’s, like John Lennon from the Beatles used to say – life is what happens along the way! “I was studying an Advanced Diploma of Health/Yoga at NatureCare College and found myself pregnant. When we came to choose a speciality area of study it was the obvious choice to pick prenatal yoga and one I am so pleased I made!”. Georgie attributes attending regular weekly prenatal yoga classes and learning relaxed techniques for birthing with completely transforming her birth experience. “I had the tools to face birthing fearlessly and, free of any attachment to outcome”. Georgie’s prenatal classes focuses on making bodies more strong and flexible and highlighting the connection between body, mind and breath . “I encourage my students to enjoy the energy of their own bodies and to trust the wisdom within. My classes aim to be safe, nurturing and fun!”