Yoga for Pregnancy

preg-squatCongratulations!!! You’ve begun one of the most amazing journeys of your life. It’s a time to nurture your body whilst it miraculously creates another human being! Pregnancy is the beginning of the wonderful and vast world of motherhood. And this special journey begins from the moment of conception.

Your body will go through significant changes and we think it’s beneficial to connect with these changes; observing your body’s amazing capacity to create from a place that’s open, honest and without judgement. Some challenges may arise during this journey, so we encourage an open mind and heart to truly enjoy your pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and beyond

Yoga is a powerful practice that benefits your body, mind and your general sense of well-being and can often be in itself a journey of self-discovery. The ancient art of yoga helps to create balance and can bring a sense of calm into your life which is why it is continues to be popular and relevant in the often stressful nature of our modern lives.

Many women naturally discover yoga during their pregnancy as a way to help prepare their bodies for labour. They often discover that it nourishes their mind and helps prepare them for life beyond childbirth as a mother.

The Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

In addition to providing a time for you to connect with yourself and your baby, practising yoga for pregnancy has many physical and emotional benefits:

Physical Benefits:

Builds strength and flexibility to your body to support you throughout your pregnancy and prepares you for labour
A focus on breathing and relaxation techniques that will again assist you throughout your pregnancy and childbirth to calm the nervous system
Maintains your overall body fitness and increases your energy and vitality
Increases your overall comfort by removing tension and muscle tightness alleviating some of the common discomforts of pregnancy
Improves your circulation and muscle tone assisting your respiration, digestion and overall immunity.
Helps to re-align your posture which can alter significantly during pregnancy
Lessens fatigue and promotes the ability to get a better night’s sleep
Introduces positions that will help you to move freely and instinctively during labour
Helps to speed up the recovery process after giving birth.

Emotional Benefits:
Provides a special time for you to connect with the changes in your body and to connect with your unborn baby
Teaches you how to quieten the mind through relaxation and meditation
Helps to build your confidence by heightening your natural abilities to cope
Provides an opportunity to connect with other mums-to be and to share in your experiences

Is it Safe?

This is a commonly asked question….Yoga during pregnancy is considered to be safe but as with any form of physical exercise, you should first check with your doctor or mid-wife to ensure it will be suitable for you. It is also important to practise with teachers who have knowledge of the specific modifications required during pregnancy. It is recommended that you attend specific Prenatal classes that are designed for the safe practice of yoga for pregnancy. And whilst following the specific prenatal precautions, as with any yoga practice, the most important guiding principle is to listen carefully to your body using it as a guide, and staying within your own capacity.


When Should I Start?

If you have been practicing yoga regularly then you can continue right throughout your pregnancy, if it feels right, and if you have discussed with your doctor or midwife. Making sure that you modify postures for pregnancy is important, so always tell you teacher of your pregnancy especially in those early months.
If you are new to yoga, we recommend starting in your second trimester when your energy levels are likely to be a bit higher. Again, it is important to consult your caregiver before starting. A lot of women feel very tired, some nauseous, during their first trimester, which is an indication that your body needs some rest. It is a busy job making a baby, so give yourself permission to rest and take it easy in this first stage of pregnancy when so much development is going on each week.

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